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The Alliance of Champion Communities is a community-based, citizen-led partnership that assists West Virginia communities in becoming more economically competitive by providing education, technical assistance, and the sharing of best practices in community development.
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Empowerment from within...
The Alliance of West Virginia Champion Communities inspires leadership by example. Those who participate learn how to facilitate meetings, develop agendas, conduct surveys and network with other leaders. Members mentor emerging community leaders in structuring projects, writing grant applications, organizing volunteers and other important leadership skills.
About The Alliance

The Alliance of West Virginia Champion Communities was initiated through the Empowerment Zone Program in 1993. Each Champion Community directive was to improve community development and mitigate the negative effects of economic problems due to job losses. The initiative empowered each community to identify and solve their own problems and achieve sustainable development. Several grants, including Small Cities Block Grants were received to fund the efforts. WV Alliance Map

Communities which have undergone a strategic planning process are invited to join the Alliance as member communities and appoint representatives to the board. Becoming an Alliance member provides networking and experience from project leaders in other communities to help accomplish the tasks set forth in the strategic plan. To facilitate these changes and support “grass-roots” community planning and development among member Champion Communities, The Alliance established a base of operations and assumed responsibility for the following:

  • Conducting technology and community development education and marketing
  • Ensuring access to emerging technologies
  • Disseminating development policy change information
  • Providing a forum for sharing "best practices"
Facilitating replication of successful programs through development and publication of white papers Creating and managing a development plan assures the sustainability of The Alliance through membership rules, grants and gifts, and providing services for fees.