Adding Your Message to the Alliance WV Discussion Board

* You will only be able to post to the forum if you first create a user profile.

* You can create a profile by clicking the My Profile link at the top of the main discussion board page.
* Your profile can be fairly short or you can include some additional details about yourself.
* It would be especially helpful if you would include the name of your champion community and your own special expertise.
* After you enter a name, email and password, BE SURE to write them down for future access!
* However, if you already have a user profile, then the program may recognize you from a previous visit and you'll be able to post very quickly. If it does not recognize you, simply provide your name & password info when submitting a new message ... those fields are above and below the text block on the message "Post" page.
* Anything that you want to post can be easily reviewed first by clicking the "Preview" button. Do an edit if you want, then once you are satisfied, click the "Post" button to add it to the board.
* Even after adding a posting to the board you can still immediately edit it if you see an error -- simply go to the message and click "Edit" (have your password handy in case you need it). Note that the edit capability will only last a short time, so carefully check your posting right away!