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The Alliance of Champion Communities is a community-based, citizen-led partnership that assists West Virginia communities in becoming more economically competitive by providing education, technical assistance, and the sharing of best practices in community development.
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Empowerment from within...
The Alliance of West Virginia Champion Communities inspires leadership by example. Those who participate learn how to facilitate meetings, develop agendas, conduct surveys and network with other leaders. Members mentor emerging community leaders in structuring projects, writing grant applications, organizing volunteers and other important leadership skills.

Member Communities

Member communities are often first to experience the benefits of Alliance-led projects. Community organizations which have undergone a strategic planning process and are organized with a board of directors are invited to request Alliance membership.

The Alliance started as a way for regions with Champion Community designation to share ideas and experience. The federal legislation which authorized the champion community program has expired and no new designations are available. Although the charter members are Champion Communities, organizations that promote lifestyle, well-being, education or economic development within their community are eligible to join the Alliance.

If your community wishes to participate as a member community contact the Alliance's Executive Director, Marcel Fortin to discuss the process.


Each member community appoints one or more representatives to serve on the Alliance Board of Directors, which meets quarterly. Officers are elected from among these appointed representatives. Boardmembers plan and execute projects designed to enhance West Virginia communities through the increased use of technology.

Representatives are available to people in their community for mentoring, assistance, or answering questions about Alliance projects and community projects. To become a representative, request appointment from a member community in your area.


Participants are individuals who lead or participate in specific Alliance-led projects. Participants are invited to join representatives at quarterly planning meetings and share information, viewpoints and project ideas but do not have voting authority. To attend a meeting, check the calendar.

To find out more about an Alliance project, click on the Community Projects navigation bar and select the project from the pull-out list. You'll find the details on how to participate.

Project Partners

Partners are companies and organizations that share responsibility for planning, execution and/or funding for specific projects. Alliance partners provide equipment, trained staff, specialized knowledge and skill, and funds to help get projects done.

If you would like to help with a current project, have an idea to share, or have something to donate that you believe would be helpful to the Alliance, contact the Alliance's Executive Director, Marcel Fortin to discuss the partnership process.


Funding organizations have missions to accomplish by donating money or other consideration to further the efforts of groups whose projects closely match their mission. Alliance-led projects are focused on expansion of technology in five areas of community development: Health, Public Safety, Education, Community Development and Entreprenuership.

If you or your funding organization is interested in the work the Alliance has undertaken, contact the Alliance's Executive Director, Marcel Fortin to discuss project funding ideas.

Give us feedback on your experiences with Alliance projects.