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The Alliance of Champion Communities is a community-based, citizen-led partnership that assists West Virginia communities in becoming more economically competitive by providing education, technical assistance, and the sharing of best practices in community development.
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Empowerment from within...
The Alliance of West Virginia Champion Communities inspires leadership by example. Those who participate learn how to facilitate meetings, develop agendas, conduct surveys and network with other leaders. Members mentor emerging community leaders in structuring projects, writing grant applications, organizing volunteers and other important leadership skills.
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Robert 'Bob' Johnson
Executive Director, Sheltered Workshop of Nicholas County
Office: 304-742-6202

Geary Weir
Executive Director, Webster County Economic Development Authority
Office: 304-847-2145

About Mountain County Champion Community First Organization

Mountain Champion Community First (MCCF) was founded in 1994, representing Webster and Eastern Nicholas Counties. MCCF was involved in a Benedum Foundation minigrant project that created a "best practices" document to be included in USDA literature. They administered $202,000 from the Benedum Foundation, which was used throughout their service area as $2,000 minigrants for community projects. More than 100 people participated in a total of over 1,000 hours of community development and leadership training. Approximately 50 community projects were completed by organizations that received MCCF minigrant funds.

Those early MCCF projects included:

  • Richwood Area Community Hospital (RACH)
    Acquisition of a portable food warming unit and commercial kitchen equipment updates improved patient food services at RACH. The hospital closed in 2008.
  • Webster County High School
    Renovations to the press box at Webster County High School football stadium enhanced the school's sports program.
  • Sign Language
    Free classes were held to teach "signing" to the hearing impaired and others to improve daily living for hearing impaired residents.

Community Projects in Webster and Eastern Nicholas Counties

Webster County Community Fund
Webster County Economic Development Authority (EDA) created a community foundation called the Webster County Community Fund (WCCF). This foundation assists in generating funds for local organizations conducting community development projects and programs. WCCF was kicked off by a $1,000 donation from the Webster County Commission in 2005.

Some of WCCF's accomplishments to date include:

  • Two new scholarships are now given annually to Webster County High School students and both are fully endowed, meaning they can continue to grant these scholarships perpetually. A third scholarship fund has begun and is expected to be fully endowed and granting scholarships by 2014.
  • Over $108,000 (and still growing) has been donated to endowment funds which will exist in perpetuity, allowing grants to be made to community organizations for the betterment of Webster County
  • Grants have been provide to organizations for projects in Webster County, including safety equipment for local fire and police departments, exercise and fitness equipment for local schools and fitness facilities, playground equipment, beautification projects and assistance for the needy.
  • Webster County citizens have a more complete understanding of personal philanthropy and how everyone can assist in making their communities better for themselves, their neighbors and for future generations.

Webster County Business Park
Webster County Economic Development Authority (EDA) constructed and operates the 68-acre Webster County Business Park in Gladeview, including an 18,000 Sq. Ft. technology building and a 21,000 Sq. Ft. multi-tenant office and warehouse building. In addition, building pads and undeveloped land are available for larger companies to build. For more information contact Geary Weir at 304-847-2145.

Webster County Business Park