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The Alliance of Champion Communities is a community-based, citizen-led partnership that assists West Virginia communities in becoming more economically competitive by providing education, technical assistance, and the sharing of best practices in community development.
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Empowerment from within...
The Alliance of West Virginia Champion Communities inspires leadership by example. Those who participate learn how to facilitate meetings, develop agendas, conduct surveys and network with other leaders. Members mentor emerging community leaders in structuring projects, writing grant applications, organizing volunteers and other important leadership skills.

The Alliance would like to recognize the generous efforts of its partners and encourage our visitors to learn more about these organizations. Our partners share responsibility for planning, execution and/or funding for specific projects. If your organization would like to discuss a partnership effort, please contact Marcel Fortin, executive director.


Barbour County Community Development Corporation

Barbour County Community Development Corporation
124 North Main Street
Philippi WV 26416
Fax 304-457-3887
Jerry Edens, Executive Director

  • Promotes community development and economic growth in Barbour County, WV
  • Provides information about the area to residents, tourists and businesses.

Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation

Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation
1400 Benedum-Trees Building
223 Fourth Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15222
800-223-5948 (toll-free in WV)
Fax 412-288-0366

In keeping with the wishes of Michael and Sarah Benedum, the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation is a regional philanthropy focusing on West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Foundation generally invests two-thirds of its grant dollars in West Virginia and one-third in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Because of limited philanthropic resources in West Virginia, the Foundation's grantmaking agenda is designed to respond to a range of social needs, and includes the program categories of Education, Health & Human Services, Community Development, and Economic Development.

Family Resource Networks

Family Resource Networks
~ Locations, Names, Emails

~ Full contact info by county

Please visit either link to see a directory of West Virginia FRN locations and contact information.

A Family Resource Network, or FRN, is a non-profit community-based organization made up of concerned citizens who work together to make their communities a better place to live. FRNs support priority setting, planning, community engagement and collaborative initiatives.

FRNs are defined in the State of West Virginia code (Article 26, section 5-26-2b) as "a local community organization charged with service coordination, needs and resource assessment, planning, community mobilization and evaluation." FRNs do not provide direct services.

Mission West Virginia, Inc.

Mission West Virginia, Inc.
168 Midland Trail
Hurricane WV 25526
304 562 0723

1408 W. 5th Ave.
Huntington WV 25704
304 523 0623

Mission West Virginia is a non-profit organization that collaborates with public and private entities, particularly faith communities, equipping them to utilize existing resources to form new partnerships, encouraging innovative social change, and building stronger communities in West Virginia.

Mission WV programs include:

  • E-Impact -- the umbrella under which all of the organization's technology initiatives are coordinated
  • Frameworks -- provides a variety of programs to support, build and strengthen West Virginia families. These include adoptive and foster parent recruitment, child specific adoption recruitment and kinship care support for relative caregivers
  • Wellspring Center -- a federally-funded program designed to build the capacity of faith-based and community-based organizations in West Virginia
  • Sharing West Virginia -- distributes donated corporate surplus goods to non-profits in need across West Virginia, southern Ohio and eastern Kentucky


4954 Coal River Road
Tornado WV 25202
Marcel Fortin

NATCOR offers consulting services on a variety of topics:
  • Technology: system design, procurement, deployment, installation and maintenance. Specializing in computer networks, broadband deployments, and wireless system design and installation.
  • Government affairs: assisting citizens, business and non-profits in getting issues heard. Provides a contact to get attention and action. Lobbying and monitoring services for legislative interims and sessions.
  • Strategic planning and implementation: organization, facilitation, community presentation, and launch into action.
  • Grant writing and research: provide assistance researching grant opportunities, developing budgets, writing grant applications, project follow-up, and evaluation.
  • Project management: provide oversight for large and small projects. Establish schedules and assure projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Recreation and tourism: provide project consultation.

One Economy, Inc.

One Economy, Inc.
1220 19th Street NW, Suite 610
Washington, DC 20036

One Economy helps people and communities connect to the Internet. We work with affordable housing owners, nonprofit organizations, municipalities and technology companies. We provide consulting services for cities and communities, wireless network installations, and affordable wireless hardware.

One Economy has worked with more than 50 communities around the world to build digital inclusion programs to insure the benefits of technology are extended to low-income people. Through the work of One Economy, more than 300,000 Americans have broadband Internet access.

One Economy leverages our national relationships to bring technology to underserved markets. For example:

  • Through the National Equity Fund, we offer a resource to pay for computers, training, and 5 years of Internet access for new affordable housing developments.
  • In partnership with AT&T, we will provide two free years of Internet access to 50,000 low-income Americans by 2010.
  • Through the California Emerging Technology Fund we will connect over 30,000 low-income California residents in the next three years.

The results of a comprehensive technology deployment touch every part of a community. In Greene County, North Carolina, for example, residents saw an increase in SAT scores, business and job opportunities, and the number of high school seniors applying to college.

Regional Education Service Agency (RESA)

Regional Education Service Agency (RESA)
2001 McCoy Road
Huntington WV 25701
Fax 304-529-6209

Eight Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs) were established by the West Virginia Board of Education under WV Code 18-2-26 in 1972. As mandated, RESAs provide:
  • Assessment of Educational Needs
  • Computer Basic Skills Support
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Cooperative Purchasing
  • Cost Effective Programs
  • Integrated Professional Development
  • Equal Educational Opportunities
  • Exemplary Teacher Recognition
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Instructional Models
  • Legislative Evaluation Reports
  • Technical Assistance to Low Performing Schools

West Virginia Association of Counties

West Virginia Association of Counties
2211 Washington Street East
Charleston WV 25311-2118
Fax 304-346-0592

The mission of the West Virginia Association of Counties is to achieve unity of purpose among elected county officials including assessors, circuit clerks, county clerks, county commissioners, prosecuting attorneys and sheriffs in order to promote the professionalism, reservation and protection of county government for the benefit of all county citizens they serve. We represent West Virginia's elected county officials, the constitutional offices of county commissioners, county clerks, circuit clerks, sheriffs, assessors and prosecuting attorneys.

West Virginia Department of Education

West Virginia Department of Education
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston WV 25305

West Virginia Board of Education
Building 6, Room 351
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston WV 25305-0330
Fax 304-558-0198

The West Virginia Board of Education is established in the West Virginia Constitution. The Board is vested with general supervision of the state's 834 elementary and secondary schools.

Its 12 members include nine citizens appointed by the governor and three non-voting ex-officio members -- the State Superintendent of Schools, the Chancellor of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, and the Chancellor of Community and Technical College Education. The State Superintendent is a constitutional officer who serves at the will and pleasure of the board. Board members serve overlapping terms of nine years, and no more than five citizen members may belong to the same political party.

The board meets monthly to determine the educational policies of the elementary and secondary schools and to establish the rules that carry into effect state law regarding education. The State Board of Education also has general control, supervision and management of the business and educational affairs of the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.

West Virginia Municipal League

West Virginia Municipal League
2020 Kanawha Blvd East
Charleston WV 25311
Fax 304-342-5586
Lisa Dooley, Executive Director

The West Virginia Municipal League is a statewide, nonprofit, nonpartisan association of cities, towns and villages established in 1968 to assist local governments and advance the interests of the citizens who reside within. The League achieves this directive through legislative advocacy, research, education and other services for municipal elected officials. The membership includes 99% of all 232 municipalities' population in the state.

The central purpose of the League is to advance the interests and welfare of the people residing in the municipalities of our state. By cooperating through the League, cities benefit from research programs and a united legislative voice that would be impossible to maintain individually.

Since the early 1930's, municipal officials have received assistance from the West Virginia Municipal League in dealing with local government affairs. Incorporated in 1968, the League is a non-profit, voluntary association of municipal governments. Its service program has you in mind. Whether you are serving your community in an elected or appointed capacity - we make your job easier. Your League staff is always available to answer questions on all aspects of local government.

West Virginia Office of Technology

West Virginia Office of Technology
State of West Virginia
Department of Administration
One Davis Square
321 Capitol Street
Charleston WV 25301
Fax 304-558-0136

The West Virginia Office of Technology, under the Department of Administration, and its Chief Technology Officer may in respect to executive agencies:
  • Develop a unified and integrated structure for information systems for all executive agencies;
  • Establish, based on need and opportunity, priorities and time lines for addressing the information technology requirements of the various executive agencies of state government;
  • Exercise the authority inherent to the chief executive of the state as the Governor may, by executive order, delegate, to overrule and supersede decisions made by the administrators of the various executive agencies of government with respect to the design and management of information systems and the purchase, lease or acquisition of information equipment and contracts for related services;
  • Draw upon staff of other executive agencies for advice and assistance in the formulation and implementation of administrative and operational plans and policies; and
  • Recommend to the Governor transfers of equipment and human resources from any executive agency and the most effective and efficient uses of the fiscal resources of executive agencies, to consolidate or centralize information-processing operations.

The Chief Technology Officer and his directors have the knowledge in information technology, the experience in the design and management of information systems and the understanding of the special demands upon government with respect to budgetary constraints, the protection of privacy interests and federal and state standards of accountability, to assist agencies in meeting the needs of their constituents.

OT's goals of our office are to develop an organized approach to information resource management for this state while providing technical assistance to state entities in the design and management of information systems. Through the planning process, WVOT will evaluate, in conjunction with the information services and communications division, the economic justification, system design and suitability of information equipment and related services, and review and make recommendations on the purchase, lease or acquisition of information equipment and contracts for related services by the state spending units.

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