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The Alliance of Champion Communities is a community-based, citizen-led partnership that assists West Virginia communities in becoming more economically competitive by providing education, technical assistance, and the sharing of best practices in community development.
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Empowerment from within...
The Alliance of West Virginia Champion Communities inspires leadership by example. Those who participate learn how to facilitate meetings, develop agendas, conduct surveys and network with other leaders. Members mentor emerging community leaders in structuring projects, writing grant applications, organizing volunteers and other important leadership skills.
Technology Minigrants

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Of the 49 applications submitted in 2008, 41 projects totaling $197,451 were each awarded $5,000 Community Technology Minigrants throughout the 20 eligible counties. Since its inception in 2007, the minigrant program has awarded 75 projects in 37 West Virginia counties, totaling $367,471.00. The two-year program was funded by the Claude Worthington-Benedum Foundation.

The Alliance’s seven-member review committee met on July 21, 2008 to examine applications. The result was an impressive variety of new minigrant projects and lots of new organizations became involved.

Project Description

St. Marys Police Department
418 2nd Street
St. Marys WV 26170
New In-car Digital Camera -- To replace outdated and damaged in-car camera unit in police patrol car. Replacement will be updated Digital Video Camera and necessary installation equipment and labor costs.

Calhoun Middle/High School Youth Force
Social Marketing Equipment -- Providing youth an outlet through technology to promote substance abuse free and positive behavior lifestyles

Wirt County Development Authority
P. O. Box 508
Elizabeth WV 26143
Sportsman Park Security Enhancement -- WCDA is applying for this grant to purchase and install four security cameras and related equipment at Sportsman Park to prohibit vandalism.

Mountain Hospice, Inc.
Serving: Barbour, Grant, Mineral, Pendleton,
Pocahontas, Randolph, and Tucker Counties
Teleconference Training -- A teleconferencing network will be established to provide for in-service training and staff meetings so that Mountain Hospice staff located in outlying counties can avoid the cost in time and money of having to travel weekly to the main office in Belington.

HomeOwnership Center Inc. (HOC)
1404 N. Randolph Ave.
Elkins WV 26241
Homeownership Opportunity Outreach Through Technology -- The HOC, in collaboration with the Alderson-Broaddus College Humanities Division, will produce a program (half-hour DVD, half-hour VHS, web content) to provide consumer information on affordable and sustainable homeownership opportunities for low-to-moderate income families in north-central West Virginia.

Wardensville Community Center
RT 55 (next to the Kac-a-pon)
Wardensville WV 26851
Computer Center for Wardensville, WV -- The project for which the grant is requested is to provide public internet access and computer availability to the community of Wardensville.

Lewis County Family Resource Network (FRN)
145 High Street
Weston WV 26452
Lewis County FRN Website -- Technology will be used to connect the Lewis County Family Resource Network office and the public through the internet in order to share information including a resource guide of general services needed by low income families and the general public.

Wirt County Commission
P. O. Box 53
Elizabeth WV 26143
Wirt Courthouse Video Surveillance System -- The project will consist of purchase and installation of five outdoor color cameras, video monitor and an eight-channel digital recorder.

Little Sandy Community Education Outreach Service Club
From San Francisco to Sherman and Back in 60 Seconds -- Bringing technology to a rural community and provide a safer, secure playground area and building for our community youth and families.

Town of Wardensville
25 Warrior Way
Wardensville WV 26851
The SMART Project (Sending Messages & AleRts through Technology) -- will allow emergency alerts, Messages & AleRts through Technology) will allow emergency alerts, public safety messages, community announcements and programs to be enhanced and promoted using a LED sign supported by a coalition of government, non-profit and local businesses.

Preston County Literacy Volunteers
Susie Huggins
977 Tyrone Road
Morgantown WV 26508
Quilting: A Source for Independence -- In order to promote critical thinking skills as well as the proper use of a long arm quilter, learn a work skill, enhance reading and math skills, help provide additional household income and at the same time help provide sustainable funds for the PCLV adult literacy program, PCLV needs a specialized sewing machine for use with a long arm quilter.

Hardy County Child Care Center
1989 State Road 55
Moorefield WV 26836
Hardy County Child Care Center Security Project -- The Hardy County Child Care Center will provide a surveillance security system that will better assure the safety of the families and children under its care.

Help Thy Neighbor of Doddridge County
Lynn Camp Road
Salem WV 26426
Knock, Knock..Who's There? -- A “Free Public Wi-Fi” program, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to foster community awareness, growth and social intercourse for the citizens of Doddridge County, WV in areas of education, business development and tourism via the internet

Randolph County Housing Authority
P. O. Box 1579
Elkins WV 26241
21st Century Housing and Community Development -- This project will put the considerable resources of the Randolph County Housing Authority and its nonprofit partner groups on the world wide web for use by the public.

Eyes on West Union
101 Maple Street
West Union WV 26456
Eyes on West Union -- This beautiful and Historic Town is also suffering from residential flight and business abandonment. Our plan is to turn those statistics around, one step at a time.

Davis-Thomas Elementary Middle School
Quail Ridge Road
P. O. Box 250
Thomas WV 26292
21st Century Technology Enhances K-8 Education -- A resource-filled computer lab will enable parents, teachers and students to use 21st Century technology for learning.

Hardy County Planning
233 N. Main Street
P. O. Box 209
Moorefield WV 25836
Office Renovation & County Conference/Training Room -- To better utilize County facilities by inter-governmental County Agencies, Hardy County Schools, and other Civic Organizations.

Ritchie Progress Alliance (RPA)
Strengthening the RPA Partners with an Internet Fundraising Search Engine -- This project involves the purchase of a five-year subscription to Foundation Search, an Internet-based fundraising search engine that will be available to the RPA and its partner organizations; and the provision of technical assistance to those partner organizations in using the search engine and pursuing funding.

Ritchie County Economic Development Authority
217 West Main St
Harrisville WV 26362
Spotlight on Tourism Hardware -- This project will use minigrant funding to acquire a digital media player and a digital channel modulator to complete a technology-based project called "Spotlight on Tourism" which develops digital storybooks on each of the county tourism attractions and businesses for use on North Bend State Park dedicated cable television channel, on county websites, and to place on for distribution to potential tourists seeking information on the county.

Hope, Inc. - A Task Force on Domestic Violence
Weston WV
Hope in Lewis County -- Our project for HOPE in Lewis County is to establish a mini learning center where victims of domestic violence and their families can prepare for the GED exam, brush up on basic skills, look for jobs, prepare resumes, learn basic computer skills, establish an e-mail account, and improve general lifeskills in a safe and confidential setting.

Wall of Honor Committee
West Union WV
Honor Roll Renovation -- We would like to change this static Memorial to a new LED Display.

High Rocks Academy for Girls
HC 64
Hillsboro WV 24946
The Ladder Project -- High Rocks will create an oasis of connectivity and capacity for use by High Rocks teenagers and their older alumnae for educational and career advancement.

Potomac Highlands Guild
6 Park Street
Petersburg WV 26847
Children and Crisis Outreach Through Technology -- This project will provide enhanced access of devices to crisis on-call staff and to the school based counselor located in Grant County. Staff will have immediate access to medical records at their fingertips when called out to local hospitals or into the school for a crisis situation. This project will reach across the service region for Potomac Highlands Guild to include Grant, Hampshire, Hardy, Mineral and Pendleton Counties.

Town of West Union
101 Maple Street
West Union WV 26456
Working Smart -- We have been charged with a new project: extending our water service to the town of Greenwood in Doddridge County. Greenwood is 12 miles distant from West Union. As the new water meters are installed, this is a golden opportunity for us to install radio read water meters - a major step in saving time, labor, equipment, and gasoline costs in this area for years to come.

Jackson County Broadband
Rolling Meadows Village Broadband Initiative -- Establish sustainable, low cost, wireless mesh broadband for low income residents of Rolling Meadows in Fairplain, WV.

Town of Bath
271 Wilkes Street, Suite A
Berkeley Springs WV 25411
Enhancing Public Safety and Health Through Technology -- The Town of Bath wishes to set up and utilize a wireless camera system for water system monitoring, water tower security, and vandalism trouble spots in town limits.

City of Weston
102 W. 2nd Street
Weston WV 26452
Creating a Weston Development Authority Website -- We wish to develop a website for the Weston Development Authority (WDA) which will provide online, one-stop shopping for developers. All of the possible developable areas, and buildings, will be featured on the site.

City of Weston
102 W. 2nd Street
Weston WV 26452
Providing Computer and Internet Service to Lewis County Residents -- This project is three-pronged: to provide low-income people, individuals living in the rural parts of Lewis County who have no access to the internet, and students access to computers and the internet. Three sites have been chosen to provide computers and internet service in the City of Weston. The local Youth Center will provide children to access the internet with two to provide computers and internet service in the City of Weston.

City of Weston
102 W. 2nd Street
Weston WV 26452
Creating a Website for the Weston Arts Council -- Providing the newly-created Weston Arts Council with a website and technical support for keeping members and the public informed of art activities, and as a sales tool for the newly-opened gallery.

City of Weston
102 W. 2nd Street
Weston WV 26452
Upgrading Weston's Billing System -- The City of Weston is under financial strains and yet has only collected about 2/3 of the municipal fees currently due. We have brought a new GIS/GPS system online which allows us to click on a map and find out who owns a property. However, our billing system for municipal fees (about $370,000 budgeted for this year but only $200,000 collected) is antiquated. We received a proposal in February to update the system, but unfortunately, there is no money to do it.

Grant County Training Center
Technology for EMS -- After our September 11, 2007 Grant County Disaster Drill, the evaluators highly recommended that the Grant County Training Center improve our emergency medical services training technology.

Paw Paw Municipal Development Authority
Technical Support -- Erect a communications tower to provide wireless support to the Industrial Park.

Morgan County Commission
P. O. Box 28
83 Fairfax Street
Berkeley Springs WV 25411
Expanding Broadband Communications in Western Morgan County -- The Morgan County Commission plans to have a broadband communications tower installed on the Morgan County Commission's property in Great Cacapon, WV. This will offer service to many citizens that are not able to obtain high-speed internet service at a reasonable price and enable cellular companies to more easily occupy the area. This project will expand broadband internet access, emergency communications, and possibly cellular service to a large, underserved part of the county.

Mountain Partners in Community Development, Inc.
401 Davis Ave. #218
Elkins WV 26241
Youth Technological Preservation Trades Development -- The goal is to empower underprivileged individuals and produce strategic plans for implementation of local resources using advanced technologies with outreach to the local and worldwide market.

Morgan Arts Council (MAC)
P. O. Box 248
138 Independence Street
Berkeley Springs WV 25411
Berkeley Springs Virtual Creative Community -- The Morgan Arts Council (MAC), in collaboration with Travel Berkeley Springs (TBS) and the Morgan County Economic Development Authority, proposes to establish “Berkeley Springs Collaboration” with Travel Berkeley Springs (TBS) and the Morgan County Economic Development Authority, proposes to establish “Berkeley Springs – Virtual Creative Community” on the internet as a means of branding Morgan County and enhancing its global appeal as a hot spot for creative economic activity.

American Red Cross
Central West Virginia Chapter
113 Lakeview Drive
Charleston WV 25313
Linking Mason Office with Video Conferencing -- Locating video conferencing equipment in the Mason County American Red Cross office.

American Red Cross
Central West Virginia Chapter
113 Lakeview Drive
Charleston WV 25313
Linking Pocahontas Office with Video Conferencing -- Locating video conferencing equipment in the Pocahontas County American Red Cross office.

Morgan County Partnership
The WV Teen Zine Website is an afterschool program using technology-based learning to address Morgan County needs by promoting positive youth development, providing mentor leadership, increasing civic engagement, and offering locally-based internet learning experiences, website design and technology skills linking the community to the classroom, acting as a clearinghouse for parent resources, and developing computer workforce training.

Regeneration Inc.
Rt. 1 Box 61 C-4
Harrisville WV 26362
Triple OpportunitEEE (Entertain, Educate, Evolve) -- We are proposing for this grant, the purchase of 10 computers for our high-tech lab at Regeneration’s headquarters near Harrisville. We will be offering a series of six classes, where students will come in and build computers and load all software with a certified technician. Open enrollment will be available for seniors, adults, and youth. Upon completion of the computers our staff will offer a series of six classes free to all participants.

Patch 21st Century Community Learning Centers
811 Madison Ave.
Spencer WV 25251
PATCH 21 Youth Media Services -- The PATCH 21st CCLC Program in Jackson County will utilize high school students to produce media clips from Jackson County Public Services and place the videos on You Tube, Teacher Tube, and School Tube that will focus on public services available in the Jackson County Region.

Main Street Point Pleasant
305 Main Street
Point Pleasant WV 25550
Mason County Website -- This project is to upgrade the Mason County website.

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